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Reasons Why Rolling Backpacks are Good for College Students

If you have been searching for a new backpack, then you must have heard of wheeled or rolling backpacks while doing so.  Rolling backpacks are great for various reasons, and here are some of them.


The main advantage of this type of backpack is its versatility. These bags will provide you with two different options for carrying. You can, therefore, either wheel the bag along or take it on your back. This is vital, especially if you have a lot of stuff inside the backpack, making it too heavy for your shoulders.

Allows for Back Rest

Some college students suffer from back problems or those that cannot carry bags on their backs for a long time. If this is you, then a rolling backpack is a perfect option for you. This is because, with this bag, you do not always have to have it on your back. You can choose to carry it for some time then wheel it to give your back some rest. However, when you encounter rough terrain or dirty roads, then you will have to carry it on you back.

Great for Travel

College students tend to travel often for research purposes or social activities. It can be very frustrating to wheel along with a bag in busy train stations and airports. With a rolling backpack, you only need to unzip the shoulder straps then throw it on the back to easily and quickly get around. Also, if you must carry the bag around large airports or train stations, it may sometimes be better to wheel the backpack along to allow your back relax.


There are no rules when choosing a bag for college. However, most students tend to go for backpacks. If you like suitcases and want to avoid judgemental glances from other students, then the rolling backpack can be an ideal option for you. This is because they incorporate both the features of a normal backpack and those of wheeled suitcases. However, they have more features that you will not get in suitcases.

Rolling backpacks are today popular amongst college students because of these reasons that make them great. If you are considering purchasing a backpack, then a rolling backpack will be an ideal choice for you.…


Strategies for Success in Distance Learning

Distance learning today has opened doors for most students more so those who may not afford to pay high fees for their full-time courses. Although they have many advantages over the on-campus courses, most factors do come into play to make distance learning successful for students. Due to the different ways that education is being acquired and delivers, changes and adjustments in approaches should be undertaken.

Choosing the right school


The most important element for your success is choosing the right school for distance learning. Nowadays there are a lot of unscrupulous degree mills in the market which are only keen on selling their degrees without ample student support and good education. As a result, these degrees may not be recognized or can be regarded as bogus. To prevent this, ensure you do a proper check on the institutions you identify with the relevant authorities so that you verify their accreditation and authenticity before registration.

Cost-benefit analysis

Some of the students enrolled in distance learning courses without carrying out a cost-benefit analysis of taking the course first. It is known that getting an education requires a huge sum of investment. But, this needs to be compared with the potential additional income which will be generated when you earn your degree. Only then will the full rewards be reaped from getting distance learning degrees.

Degree positioning to employers

There are many cases in which employers wary of the validity of distance learning degrees. With the many institutions that sell degrees, it is justified for the employers to be cautious. Although these degrees may be fully legitimate, it helps to provide an adequate explanation of accreditation of the degree to avoid misunderstanding. Ensure the accreditation body that accredited your program or institution is recognized by the department of education. This way you can eliminate doubts that employers may have about the validity of the degree.

Discipline, time management and determination

In on-campus courses, most students lack discipline and focus thus they cannot keep up with the online assignments and lessons. It is vital for distance learning students to practice great determination to succeed since it is east to distracted and de-motivated when you are not with your peers. Time management and communication with other students are excellent measures of your success.

Use available facilities

facilitiesMost distance learning courses offer email correspondence and online lecture. They also facilitate communication with tutors, students, and lecturers. Such facilities need to be utilized since they provide the link back to the educational institution. Additionally, this will be an excellent source of motivation to progress through your course of study.

These strategies will help you be successful with distance learning and get the degree of your choice.…