a teacher in a classroom

Roles of a Teacher in the School

They say there is no school without students, but the same also applies to teachers. Teachers play a crucial role in making sure the school runs effectively; no wonder schools focus on hiring qualified and well-trained teachers. When you send kids to a school, they are placed under the care of the teachers. The teachers also have a duty to ensure that the kids are educated.

Without dedicated and qualified teachers, the school will not be considered great. For that reason, schools in Kelambakkam ensure that they hire qualified teachers who can effectively play their roles. They should act as role models to the kids and be ready to solve any issues the students face. In this article, we look at the top roles a teacher plays in school.

Imparting Knowledge

imparting knowledgeKids are sent to school so that they can learn. The teacher is the person who makes sure that the children become knowledgeable using various methods to make sure even the slowest student can learn. They have to follow the curriculum provided by the ministry of education strictly, but they are also free to share any knowledge they deem beneficial to the kids. Teachers can impart knowledge through lecturing or group discussions.

Creating a Classroom Environment

create a classroom environmentTeachers must make sure that the classroom looks like a learning environment. Students always look up to the teacher, and if the teacher lightens the classroom mood, everyone will most likely be happy. Teachers should strive to make sure that the classroom is in a happy mood. If a teacher appears to be angry, students might be freaked, which will make it difficult to grasp whatever they are taught no matter how easy it seems.

Being a Role Model

Many teachers do not know that majority of their students look up to them. Teachers are like second parents, and most of the students try to emulate them. A good teacher should always try to set a good example to their students because they perceive anything the teacher does to be the right thing. The responsibility of the teachers does not only rest at passing knowledge and completing the curriculum. They should also love and care for their students.


Teachers should naturally take the role of mentoring their students. However, just like role modeling, mentorship can be positive or negative. It is up to the teachers to ensure that they lead the students in the best way possible, highlighting what they should do to better their future. They should encourage the students to work harder, listen, and solve any queries they might have. A positive relationship between teachers and students makes them work harder to make their teachers proud and that is why parents need to choose carefully a good modern school for their children.…